Marketing marketing people and markets

For each definition choose the correct word or phrase.

Providing money to cultural or sporting activities in exchange for advertising rights.

a) promotion b) grant aid (cj)sponsorship

A business which specializes in giving advice and support to companies about marketing and markets, a) marketing consultancy b) counselling service c) company analysts

An economy which allows open and reasonably free exchange between private companies.

a) command economy b) conservative economy c) free market economy

A market in which there are too many suppliers producing similar products.

a) saturated market b) buyers' market c) heavy market

A market in which there are few suppliers producing goods that a lot of people want to buy.

a) weak market b) sellers' market c) light market

A company which sells more of a particular type of product than its competitors.

a) trend setter b) multinational c) market leader

A person who uses their specialist knowledge of a specific market to try to explain what has happened and predict what will happen.

a) market analyst b) forecaster c) market broker

A specific promotional activity over a limited period of time, a) campaign b) season c) trend

The activity of moving goods from the producer to the consumer, a) selling b) distribution c) orientation

10 The activity of selling goods to other countries.

a) multinational b) exporting c) exchange distribution

11 The proportion of the total market which one company controls, a) dominion b) market place c) market share

12 What a company or organization says it intends to do for its customers/clients and the community.

a) corporate mission b) strategic plan c) corporate image B Match each picture below to one of the terms above.


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