Market segmentation

Mark statements 1-8 T (True) or F (False). If a statement is false, correct it.

■;1. Social marketing targets particular consumers according to their socio-economic group, T / F

2 Target marketing is concerned with advertising to particular groups of consumers. T / F

31- Differentiated marketing aims to appeal to specifically identified groups of potential users of a product. T / F

4- Undifferentiated marketing is all kinds of marketing techniques used at once. T / F

5 Segmentation strategy is an attempt to divide the total market into specific types of consumers. T / F

6 Product positioning is a way of promoting goods in stores. T / F

7 Industrial marketing is the marketing of manufactured goods. T / F

8 : Consumer watchdogs have become more common especially in service industries and in public sector. T / F

On sMo-econômjç/grwps, seeTést 42; éri industrial fr^rKeting,' see /.:;

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