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Use the definitions to help you rearrange the tetters to find words connected with market research.

1 A study of what people think or what they do. yesvur_survey ill A person who finds out information from the public in order to discover what they want or can afford to buy.

kemrat charseerer lit! A set of questions to find out people's opinions on particular issues, often used in studies of political opinion and preference.


Something that is given away free to make the customer aware of the product, or to make them try the product.


jSp A set of questions designed to find out what people think about a product or service.


•I'&r Information collected from research. The researcher then analyses the information before making conclusions.

f%à Subjectivity or personal opinion affecting the results of a survey.


ifi The person who is asked questions or is studied in market research.

Another name for the person who answers questions in market research, often by returning a completed questionnaire.

Sfintinn ft' Market roco^r^h

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