Fixing a price

JJ!';": Match each word on the left with a word on the right to create a two-word phrase connected with pricing.

NK penetration,

111 budget-

llfi elastic demand :M priced market costs '■■m strategy

Now make five two-word expressions which are opposite in meaning to those in A.

111 inelastic



lit variable



ill premium-


;'vjp skimming



l!i UP"


ffi Find the correct term from A or B to complete each sentence below. |i| Where sales are not affected much by price rises, this is ill Selling widely in a market for low profit per item is a ill High quality, high-priced products are

|| A company accounts term meaning the cost of things like electricity, rent, and other charges that do not increase with increases in production is_.

fjf Low priced goods, aiming for volume sales at the lower end of the consumer market, are ______


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