Distribution and shipping methods

A Look at the diagram and then complete the spaces in the text that follows.

Shipping, or shipment, in the marketing or selling sense, means the despatch of (1) goods from the (2) ____to the

(3)______, or to an (4) _____. The entire process of moving goods or (5) _____ from the producer or

(6) — to the customer or (7)_is described as the (8) _ process. It is also known as (9)___, one of the four Ps.

cargo plane delivery van container ship barge despatch rider freight train container lorry

Match the terms on the left with the descriptions on the right.

air freight transportation despatch rider shipping line courier service rail freight operator road haulage contractor m a business specializing in rapid delivery of small items, usually by van or motorbike.

a company specializing in moving heavy goods and raw materials by train the business of moving large quantities of goods by air a company specializing in transportation of goods by sea, typically using container vessels (large ships designed to transport goods) based at container ports.

a company that transports goods by lorry. Major road distribution networks link so-called dry port facilities, often located near major airports and road junctions.

someone who works for a courier company delivering small items by motorbike

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