Consumers and lifestyle

Match the consumer type (1-8) to the lifestyle definitions (a-h).

T achiever

3 decision maker dependent emulator ffp influencer

! initiator

.a- This person has a traditional, conservative and conformist lifestyle. He or she likes to feel comfortable but does not like change.

: This person has the original idea to do something.

g. This person is young, ambitious, successful, hard-working and determined to win in life.

¿dj This person is ambitious and competitive, and seeks to become richer and more successful, but is content with life.

e This person has worked hard and got what he or she wanted. He/she is rational and reasonable.

If! This person announces that something is going to happen.

!Hf This person tells other people about an innovation they think is a good one, and recommends buying.

ih;; This person is unable to survive well alone because of age, lack of money or a physical or mental disability.

I !:!;/;j ^^ J^Mi^bli1fe¡c^tëg^i^ëusually I ■■

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