Consumer marketing and buyer behaviour

;Ä Match the term on the left with the definition on the right.

1 marketing ethics

2 niche marketing brand loyalty routine purchasing impulse buying m

fast moving consumer\ -If; goods (FCMG)

consumer durables

¡U Fill each gap in the sentences The prepositions may be used

An established liking for a particular producer's products that means you often buy the same product again, even over many years.

Large purchases of products that will be used for a long time, even for years. Such purchases are often thought about a lot, with a high level of customer involvement.

A spontaneous decision to buy something - you see it - you buy it!

Aiming a high price, high quality product at a narrow group of consumers, with a lot of purchasing power (a lot of money!)

Repeat buying, with little involvement in the purchase.

Regularly used items that are bought frequently with little personal involvement.

Concern for the environment, for society and for a moral code in marketing.

below with a preposition from the box. more than once.

People who are concerned about society are typically interested ______ marketing ethics.

Niche marketing is frequently concerned _____ aiming particular products _____ specific socio-economic groups.

Brand loyalty is based the development _____ routine purchasing of low-involvement goods.

The success of shops attached _____ petrol stations depends _____ impulse purchasing. You can see motorists who suddenly decide to buy a music cassette, confectionery or a magazine.

Research ______ buyer behaviour shows that when consumers make routine purchases _____ regularly used consumer products, they are not personally involved ___ the products.

Routine purchasing contrasts_the purchase of consumer durables, such as furniture, kitchen appliances or a car. Here there is a greater degree_personal involvement.

Clients have increasingly high expectations _____ the providers of professional services in a range of fields, including health, education and the law.

Special government appointed committees are responsible

__ ensuring that consumers get good service and adequate protection. Sometimes called consumer watchdogs, they respond _reports of malpractice.

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