A new market

M & T Cables wants to enter a new market. Read the following email to a possible export partner. Fill each gap in the sentences below with the correct word from the box.

analysis demand free goods mix plan research trends

Date 22 Nov 2000 15:48:45 +0900 From: M & T Cables GmbH <[email protected],de To: 'Peter J arrow' [email protected] Subject: Export proposal

Dear Peter,

Thanks for your letter about marketing our products in the South Pacific region. We certainly do want to sell our (1) goods in every (2)_market in the world, but we need to do some market (3)_in your region.

I have four questions to start with:

1. What is the supply and (4)_like at present for our kind of products?

2. What kind of (5)_do you think we should develop in our marketing (6)_?

3. What are the market (7)_in this sector?

4. Can you recommend someone to carry out a detailed market (8)_for us?

Please email by return if possible. Thank you!

Sandra Sah

Lindacher Str. 48. D-40474 Dusseldorf. Germany MTC [email protected]

Tel: 0049 211 646453 or 646458. Fax: 0049 211 646460

Product marketing

Choose the best definition for each of the words or phrases.

1 augmented product a) a product now selling at a higher price b) a product that is no longer made

@ a core product plus additional benefits such as brand name, quality styling and design features, extended warranty, after-sales service, etc.

2 generic a) not known by a special brand name b) for general use c) popular with all types of consumers

: cannibalism a) when a product eats into the competitors' market share b) when a product reduces sales of other products made by the same manufacturer c) when an employee leaves his/her company to join a competitor sell-by date a) the limit placed on sales representatives to meet targets b) the date by which a food or drug must be sold c) the date on which a product is sold

5 launch a) when a product is taken off the market b) when a product is tested before being sold c) when a product is first released onto the market

; 6I product life cycle a) the normal pattern of sales for a product b) the process of development of a new product c) the different stages of improvement in an old product

7 part a) a product b) a component c) a phase in the development of a product

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