The value of longterm relationships

Although it is recognized that little research has been done within the area of online value creation, scholarly research in B2B settings is focusing more and more on the importance of doing so, as this assists organizations in building and maintaining long-term relationships (Beverland and Lockshin, 2003). Even though relationships in B2B settings

Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing 20/4/5 (2005) 245-252

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Tim Foster are often strained (Emiliani, 2003), technology is coming to the rescue and being used to create opportunities for organizations keen on becoming more effective and efficient in such relationships (Sahay et al., 2003). The use of technology to improve relationships between sellers and buyers, or in any relationship within an industrial network, is pushing organizations to take a more careful look at the use of their web sites in creating value for customers (Sharma, 2002), as well as other stakeholders in the value/supply chain network (Fink and Laupase, 2000).

The supply chain today is seen as being an important element in the value creation process (McGuffog, 1997; Dawson, 2002), yet there is a "core" to this network: Ritter and Gemiinden (2003) present at the core of a network of innovation partners the focal company, surrounded first by suppliers and buyers, but then also co-suppliers, administration, consultants, competitors, and distributors. For Anderson et al. (1994), the "core" is in fact the buyer-seller relationship, or what they refer to as the focal relationship. Surrounding this core relationship is a number of continuing dyads (business relationships) that connect into a larger business-to-business network. All of this adds up to an ever-changing value chain of inter-organizational relationships. Ulaga (2001) adds that one can investigate value creation at this core (seller-buyer) level from three different perspectives: The seller's perspective, the buyer's perspective, or from the seller-buyer perspective. From the discussion above, the purpose of this study is to provide a better understanding on the use of web sites for creating value in industrial buyer-seller relationships. In light of the above discussion and the research purpose that results from it, this article will focus on the use of web sites only and not broader internet or IT applications.

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