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Our current implementation of the DSS is part of an professional services. We are building it for the RheinischWestfälische Technischen Überwachung Verwain Iran (RWTUVIran), a German and Iranian joint-venture company. TÜV is abbreviation of Technical Überwachung Verwain (Technical Inspection Union).

Part of case study services include: technical inspection in industrial sites, automotive inspection and commodity inspection, safety evaluation of medical devices, product certification and conformity tests, quality management mystem certifications, environmental quality management system certifications, Industrial projects, IT services and technical training in different fields in central Asia.

It has approximately 1,600 clients and active customers in B2B market. The marketing motto and vision of the case is: better, closer, more. Better means to be better than the competition is their supreme goal. Being closer to customers and to innovations is for them a matter of course. More services is the essence of company's portfolio.

It's decision makers must target customer groups, develop market strategies to satisfy customer needs, predict customer behavior thereby, recommend new services, attract potential customers, set product promotion system and retain active customers.

Data for customer transactions have been collected from the data warehouse and internal data servers (data warehouses) between 2002 and September 2004. The data set was preprocessed to extract customer transactions. Ünreasonable records, such as those of customers who have

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