Research limitations and future research

Recognizing the limitations in generalizability of this type of study with a single firm, a quantitative study of organizations using corporate data warehouses to support the marketing function is planned. This work suggests that more research be focused on the complex intra-organizational exchange relationships that stand to impact data warehousing implementations. In the future study, it would be expected that organizations successful in CDW implementation use by marketing would be characterized by highest perceived data quality and trust in these intra-organizational relationships. Just as trust is important in long-term social relationships between individuals, in the successful marketing implementation of data warehouse applications, a high level of intra-organizational trust and trust in the data itself should be expected. In addition, perceived high quality data would not be expected without trust; trust factors are expected to be correlated with various aspects of perceived data quality.

Fay Cobb Payton and Debra Zahay

Marketing would also be expected to perceive its needs have been met if there is trust as well as data quality.

Another key contribution of this future research might be that the importance of perceived data quality and trust might be expected vary over the stages of the systems implementation (Payton and Ginzberg, 2001). Just as relationships form, grow and decline, the importance of organizational trust should change as intra-organizational relationships develop (Morgan and Hunt, 1994). This research suggests that data quality, meeting marketing needs and trust are correlated relationships. As the social context of the implementation evolves, perceptions of these key factors would also evolve.

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