Quantitative research findings

In terms of type of firm, 56 per cent of the final analysis sample comprises limited companies, 28 per cent are partnerships and 16 per cent are sole traders. In addition to this, approximately 6 per cent of the sample belongs to a network (roughly equal numbers of sole-traders and limited companies, much fewer partnerships belong to a network). With regard to the size of client base, 37 per cent of the sample has 100 or fewer clients, 31 per cent has between 1001-3000 clients and 32 per cent has over 3000 clients. The majority of the sample (76 per cent) has turnovers of less than £1 million, 20 per cent have turnovers between £1 million

and £5 million and only 4 per cent have a turnover over £5 million. Almost all sole-traders (98 per cent) have turnovers of less than £1 million. Limited companies are more likely to have higher turnovers, as over one quarter (27 per cent) of the sample have turnovers over £1 million, and around 15 per cent of partnerships have turnovers of over £1 million. These characteristics are broadly consistent with the characteristics of the total sample.

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