Industrial Marketing Notes

1 Representative sources are Greenberg (2001), and Siebel (2000).

2 See also McKenzie (2000), Sawhney and Zabin (2001), Imhoff et al. (2001) and Peppers and Rogers (1995).

3 To assess the risk of multicollinearity we conducted a varimax factor analysis of the 15 items in Table I. Five factors accounted for 47 percent of the variance - and only three variables held together on one factor. Because the intercorrelations were not high among these variables (customization of marketing messages, linking points of customer contact and encouraging customer feedback) we elected to keep them separate in the multiple regression analysis to facilitate interpretation. Additionally, we calculated the variance inflation factor (VIF) of each variable. VIFs with value over 10 are evidence of problems with multicollinearity. In this case, all values were below 2.0, which further suggests that multicollinearity is not a problem.

4 To determine if multicollinearity was a problem with the regression in Table III, we calculated the VIF of each variable. In this case, none of the VIFs were close to 10. In fact, all were under 2, showing that multicollinearity is not a problem.

5 This concept of capabilities is derived from the resource-based theory of the firm. See Barney (1991), Collis and Montgomery (1995) and Mintzberg et al. (1998).

6 This discussion benefited greatly from Fein (2000, 2001).

7 Sawhney and Zabin (2001) describe in detail several models for the synchronization of channels to reallocate

George S. Day and Katrina J. Bens the functions and flows across the entire spectrum of available channels of which the internet is only one channel.

8 These data were from a Gartner, Inc. study cited in Caulfield (2001). Their conclusions are more measured than those of other surveys reported in Yu (2001).

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