Limitations and future research

Despite rich implications, this study has some limitations to acknowledge. First, this study used only two measurement items for partner coordination. Future studies may employ additional items to assess partner firm coordination adequately. Furthermore, this study relied on a single informant in measuring firm coordination and partner coordination. Although we still believe that a channel member is able to assess the impact of its IT adoption on the partner's coordination activities, dyadic data collection using a separate informant for partner coordination activities should strengthen the validity of these findings.

Many future avenues of research remain. This study explored partner criticality as a moderator of IT impact on firm productivities. However, there are additional potential

moderators including industry type, level of competition in the industry, tenure of IT deployment, and use of IT (as opposed to adoption of IT) among others. Moreover, mediators other than coordination, employed in this study, could be explored. Information sharing that assesses the extent to which quality information is shared among channel members, and supply chain responsiveness (responsiveness to new customer inquiries and market changes) could mediate the impact of IT adoption.

IT offers unlimited benefits as well as challenges to firms and supply chains. However, our understanding of the extent to which it provides unprecedented opportunities for the firm is incomplete. The current study attempts to provide some insights on the impact of IT adoption on a firm's own and its partner's coordination activities and on its market performance. We hope that the findings reported here will inspire other scholars to extend our knowledge of the impact of Information Technology on contemporary business performance.

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