Journal of Business Industrial Marketing

Table VII reveals that three of the dependent variables show significance at the 5 per cent level. The one variable that clearly shows no significant difference is the responsive dimension, which indicated poor internal consistency earlier.

To understand what the actual differences are, the mean scores for each of the variables need to be inspected. Table VIII shows the mean scores for the three variables emergent, deliberate and me-too along with the standard deviation and rank.

The findings reveal that innovators have the highest mean score on the deliberate dimension, indicating that they are most driven by the strategic direction of the organisation and key people within the company who took the lead for web site development. This is an expected finding, confirming our assumption. Early adopters have the second highest score on the deliberate dimension, which is also expected. The early majority have the highest score on the me-too dimension followed by the laggards. This is expected of the laggards and, on reflection, is perhaps not surprising for the early majority. The late majority have the lowest scores on deliberate and me-too. Laggards have the highest mean score on the emergent dimension, indicating that they are more influenced by opportunism and fortuitous circumstances surrounding web site development.

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