IT adoption for SCCS

IT adoption for SCCS is defined as the extent to which a firm adopts the most advanced available technology for SCCS and involves proactive adoption of the state-of-art IT to build new technical solutions for SCCS. The literature discusses IT object that embraces the degree of diffusion of information technology within a firm (Tippins and Sohi, 2003). However, IT adoption in this study, a distinctive concept from IT object, assesses how actively a firm seeks to adopt new IT ahead of competitors.

The literature argues that IT adoption cultivates organizational capabilities that enable the firm to outperform their competitors (Rogers et al. , 1993; Tippins and Sohi, 2003). However, adoption of information technology alone may not be a source of competitive

advantage because of their wide availability in the market (Barney, 1991; Powell and Dent-Michallef, 1997). Only when the information technology is embedded into organizational processes (e.g. strategy making), it is expected to offer sustainable benefits (Barney, 1991).

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