The detailed results of the analysis of the three marketing focus groups using the coding categories shown in Appendix 2 are reported and summarized in Table I. Table I indicates that coders categorized a total of 441, most of which related to the significance of data quality (22.45 percent), ability to support specific marketing needs (20.63 percent) and trust (13.15 percent). Together, these three constructs constituted nearly 50 percent of the coded comments from the focus group transcripts and will be discussed in detail below.

Much of the information systems literature, both academic and practitioner, has pointed to the criticality of the economic impact and costs associated with data warehousing implementations. These results show that only 3.17 percent of the comments in this study were concerned with economic factors. In addition, coded comments failed to support the significance of the internal IT support organization in adoption (4.08 percent).

Data integration (shared systems topology in the original model) which was mentioned 10.3 percent of the time and data quality were the only two significant factors from the original model that were supported. While data integration is undoubtedly important in adoption, the three factors of data quality, trust and unmet marketing needs dominated these focus group discussions. Because these three factors accounted for 50 percent of the mentions and appear from the analysis to be related, the discussion of the findings focuses primarily on these factors.

Our results indicate that the model for predicting the adoption of a CDW in a marketing context needs to look quite different from models in the information systems literature. Marketing managers and system users are not primarily concerned with broad economic factors nor with the level of systems support. Although the information systems model was a good starting point, a more realistic view of what might predict adoption of a CDW by marketing for CRM and other applications is represented in Figure 2. In this figure, the three major factors of quality, trust and understanding of marketing needs dominate the explanation of the adoption of the CDW.

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