Findings from the three case studies

The findings from the three case studies will be presented following the value in - value out theme of the four research questions, first from the seller's perspective (case 1) and then from the buyers' perspective (case 2 and case 3). In order to gain access to LKAB's extranet, contact was first taken with the vice president of public relations and quality (herein referred to as VP). Vlosky et al. (2000) used a similar strategy in B2B web site research, using e-mail to first establish contact with those in public relations and corporate communication positions in the selling organization. It was VP who presented and discussed all three levels of the I-E-I framework at LKAB, each level developed with certain stakeholders in mind: The internet (public) level focused on the general public and mass media; the extranet focused on certain customers; and the intranet on employees at LKAB. From this initial contact with VP, the sales manager for the Nordic region (herein referred to as SM) was made possible. Data from the sales manager in this case is also justified by Shoemaker (2001), who states that salespeople focus on building relationships that result in connecting customers through the use of extranets.

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