Figure 2 Structure of MDSS

■ Customers documents

• Accounting (in ERP) system

• B2B segments i.e. automotive. load, military, oil and gas segments

• Customer satisfaction indexes and measures

» Analytical procedures

FYuceasmo Eiip.ine

■ What-if Analysts

• Regression Analysts

■ Standard arid Ad-hoc queries

• Promotion and recommendation analysis

■ Product planning

• Profiling and CLV analysis

• Trend and deviation analysis

User Interface

Outputs /report s

I. Next period marketing plan

"2. Marketing Strategy setting

A. Customer clustering with controlled raj iking

1 Top five customers

5. Ad hoc queries and reports

6. Online analytical processing (OLAP)

7. Segment oi'business-to-business market according to monetary and CLV

8. Potential customer prediction

9. Profitability analysis of customer

10. Sale analysis

II, Pricing strate^1

Behrooz Noori and Mohammad Hossein Salimi

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