External Influencing factors

Strategic partners' influence Type of industry Competitors' influence Market trends Consulta»)"» ¡n flue nee-Buyers and suppliers influence ■&HWI uniLintal -fey ton;

Choice of B2B e-business models

Merchant model o Online storefront model Manufacturer model Buy-side model Brokerage model«;

o Distribution porlal model o E-specuiaior mode) O Mega-exchange model o Procurement portal model o Sell-side asseL exchange model o Solution provider model o Specialist originator model

Source: Analysis of field data

Note: Influencing factors (internal and external) that have been crossed out are regarded as less important to the choice ofB2B e-business models e-business models. However, five of the 16 influencing factors were identified in this study as being less important to the selection of B2B e-business models with the internal factors appearing to be more influential than the external factors.

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