DSSs and CRM

Despite such interdependencies, the research in the fields of DSSs and CRM solutions has not adequately considered the integration of such systems. Proper integration of DSSs and CRM will support the required interaction and will present new opportunities for enhancing the quality of support provided by each system. A synergy can be created through the integration of decision support and CRM, as these two technology consist of activities that complement each other. More specifically, the knowledge acquisition, storage and distribution activities in CRM enable the dynamic creation and maintenance of decision models, in this way, enhancing the decision support process. In return, the application and evaluation of various decision models and the documentation of decision instances, supported by a DSS, provide the means for acquiring and storing the tacit and explicit knowledge of different decision makers and facilitate the creation of new knowledge. Such integration is expected to enhance the quality of support provided by the system to decision makers and also to help in building up organizational memory and knowledge bases. Decision makers, through the experience of using such tools and techniques, gain new knowledge pertaining to the specific problem area. Specific DSSs are built using data extracted from various data sources and models extracted from various knowledge sources.

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