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159 Guest editorial

160 Capitalizing on the internet opportunity

George S. Day and Katrina J. Bens

169 The role of information technology in supply-chain relationships: does partner criticality matter?

Daekwan Kim, S. Tamer Cavusgil and Roger J. Calantone

179 Collaborative supply-chain partnerships built upon trust and electronically mediated exchange

Niklas Myhr and Robert E. Spekman

187 Critical factors affecting intermediary web site adoption: understanding how to extend e-participation

Tina Harrison and Kathryn Waite

200 Cooperative adoption of complex systems: a comprehensive model within and across networks

Angela Hausman, Wesley J. Johnston and Adesegun Oyedele

211 Inter-organisational collaboration for the digital economy

Elizabeth Houldsworth and Gillian Alexander

218 An empirical framework developed for selecting B2B e-business models: the case of Australian agribusiness firms

Eric Ng

226 A decision-support system for business-to-business marketing

Behrooz Noori and Mohammad Hossein Salimi

237 Why doesn't marketing use the corporate data warehouse? The role of trust and quality in adoption of data-warehousing technology for CRM applications Fay Cobb Payton and Debra Zahay

245 Creating digital value: at the heart of the I-E-I framework

Tim Foster

253 Executive summary and implications for managers and executives

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