Conclusions and limitations

Based on our learning to date it would appear that despite the consultative and learner focused nature of many of the theories of situated learning, the adoption of such an approach does not necessarily lend itself to virtual project work relying on collaboration. As researchers and practitioner working within this field, we have been keen to learn from the lessons of ESeN as we carry out new projects. Particular project management styles which involve strong facilitation and personal influence seem to be called for, in the place of more participative approaches which had less impact in the case of ESeN.

We acknowledge that the empirical work conducted on ESeN has been limited in nature. We are currently seeking to extend this on a subsequent project by deploying a similar interview-based methodology. The new data collection phase will see us interview all 12 Project Partners at 3 times during the project life cycle. We believe this will help to test out further the emerging findings on engaging networks for working in the digital economy.

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