In developing this framework, we integrated work on inter-organizational adoption (cf. Tornatzky and Fleischer, 1990; Hausman and Stock, 2003, Wang and Tsai, 2002; Srinivasan et al. , 2002), with insights from other types of adoption and innovation literature (cf. Gatignon and Robertson, 1989; Maute and Locander, 1994; Rogers, 1995) and empirical evidence from the inter-organizational relationships literature (cf. Heide and John, 1990; Venkatesh et al., 1995; Wilson, 1995). The proposed framework represents the first attempt to generate a holistic categorization of salient variables that might modulate the cooperative adoption of IOS innovations or other complex innovative technologies and ideas. As noted earlier, most adoption researchers have mainly focused on evaluating a few variables that impact the adoption of specific technologies by a single firm or consumer, mostly disregarding a holistic consideration of factors that might

Angela Hausman, Wesley J. Johnston and Adesegun Oyedele shape cooperative adoption, especially in a network context. Arguably, the synthesis of several factors from previous research offers a more inclusive framework to better understand the cooperative adoption process.

Cooperative adoption is also a special case of inter-organizational cooperation. Thus, the model may facilitate understanding of other types of inter-organizational cooperation necessary to reach strategic goals or to adapt to any number of internal or external changes. This commonality between cooperative adoption and other types of inter-organizational cooperation increases the contribution of this study to the organizational literature.

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