B2Bspecific related literature

The intense pressure to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing efforts in B2B markets requires new approaches to old problems (Cannon and Perreault, 1999).

Strategic decisions in business markets can benefit from the development and use of analytical approaches derived from industrial organization economics theory (Sashi and Kudpi, 2001). B2B markets have fewer partners, closer buyer-seller relationships, better technology and better information exchange than B2C markets (Hutt and Speh, 1998). Gummesson (2004) argued the comparison of B2B and B2C relationship marketing. Wouters (2004) investigated the development of customer service strategies deployed by industrial organizations and the impact this has on their marketing strategy in B2B situations.

Wouters (2004) argued that some information aspects those are important in B2B marketing are:

• general information (e.g. company name, number of employees, turnover previous year, expected turnover current year, geographical scope, describe major products and processes and relevant stakeholders, etc.); and

• marketing and sales information (e.g. turnover last year, turnover next year, total market volume, market share, major trends, market support, product range, product quality, logistics and people based service, etc.).

B2B customer-related activities are (Teo and Ranganathan, 2004):

• accept and process customer orders;

• pre-sales activities/services;

• product/service delivery via the web;

• post-sale service (e.g. complaints, support, etc.);

• distribution activities (supply chain coordination, etc.);

• gathering customer data and analysis; and

• accept and process customer payments.

Deeter-Schmelz and Kennedy (2004) investigated related literature of B2B online activities.

Easton and Araujo (2003) studied customer relationships in B2B area. Each customer has his own requirements and demands, and reconciling them creates issues of prioritization part of the problem is that of managers getting timely information. It follows that a well-designed and well-resourced customer information system or DSS could be used to flag up potential problems and conflicts and help resolve them (Easton and Araujo, 2003).

Pires and Aisbett (2003) presented a review of a cross-section of 21 papers in the business and academic literature yielded over 50 advantages and forty disadvantages that may impact on firms when they adopt e-commerce in B2B operations.

Other references about B2B related to our work are (Gordon et al., 1993; Cann, 1998; Freytag and Clarke, 2001; Kohli et al., 2001; Kuechler et al., 2001; Hunter et al., 2004).

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