Interview guide

Push/pull factors:

1 What economic benefits is your organization anticipating (has experienced) as a result of data warehouse implementation?

2 Were there any costs to your organization as a result of participating in this effort? Do (have) the benefits outweigh costs? Explain.

3 How has the competitive environment influenced your decision to implement the data warehouse?

Shared topology:

4 What types of information will be shared (are shared) among data warehouse users?

5 How (has) will information sharing benefit your organization?

6 Does the data warehouse provide the precise (e.g. content), timely, current, relevant and accurate information you need? Does the data warehouse provide quality information to facilitate your needs? If not, what is needed to improve information quality?

7 How has the data warehouse impacted (expected to impact) the quality of the information that you receive (will receive) and use to facilitate decision making?

Behavioral facilitators:

8 What (has been) will be the role of the internal IT group (vendor)?

Fay Cobb Payton and Debra Zahay

9 What types of services/expertise has/should the IT group provided?

10 How has (will) top management been involved in the implementation process?

11 Who are the champions and what are their roles?

12 What end-users are (will be) involved in the data warehouse implementation process? How was (will be) end-user support gained and assessed?

13 How has (will be) departmental control and autonomy been impacted during the implementation process?

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