Analysis and outcomes

The conversational frame around four key areas provided a useful structure for dividing up the main themes that appeared from the six interviews. The field notes for each interview were read through and manually highlighted to support the emergence of possible themes. Each highlighted section was annotated with a short description of what the passage was about. Once the notes from the six interviews had been reviewed in this way it was possible to consolidate the main themes into a summary table, using the conversational frame as the main organising device (see Table III). This was supplemented by two other themes that emerged as common across all the interviews:

• issues that get in the way of learning in networks; and

• our interpretation as researchers of models of learning being described by the interviewee (using Knight's ideas from Table II).

Once the interviews were completed and analysed the field notes from the participant observation were considered in order to understand more about the actual process of collaborative learning at play. For the purpose of this paper we have used the themes from the interviews as a starting point for the sense making process. Therefore we have taken what the learners have said about learning and collaborating in

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