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1) Your visitor must get what she is looking for -- outstanding information. OVERdeliver with original, high-value info. If you don't do this, she simply clicks the BACK button to the Search Engine and says... "Next!"

2) The Search Engines are in business. Their product is the quality of their search results. Help them make their product better, and they'll love you. How?

Search Engines use computer programs called spiders to go out and bring your site back to its home (i.e., the Search Engine's database). Then when someone looks up, say, "factory outlet stores," another program decides whether your site, or another, is more relevant.

You must honestly convince each Search Engine that you are the most relevant (at least in the Top 20, preferably in the Top 10) for the keywords that you target. If you trick the engine, your success won't last long, and when it discovers the trick, it will ban you. Why? Because tricks hurt the Search Engine's product rather than help.

Help the searcher, your potential visitor and your merchant's potential customer, solve her problem or her quest. Satisfy the whole reason why she is doing the search. If you do this, you add value to the Search Engine's product.

If you do this properly, you never have to worry about the Search Engines, because they and you become partners in an effort to deliver quality content to searchers...

• No tricks in comment tags or invisible links or anything else that is not natural for a true content site.

• No hoping that the SEs don't change their attitude towards your "tactics."

• No worrying about just the right number of times to repeat a keyword in the META Keyword tag.

• No time-wasting, constantly "staying on the cutting edge" ahead of the engines

• No 8 versions of the same site, one for each major engine. Focus on creating one "best fit" site that scores well with most of the engines for most of your words most of the time. Then spend your time creating another site. No games.

• No off-target keywords to suck in untargeted customers. ("Hey, this site's not about Monica Lewinsky! What gives?")

• No fretting about whether competitors will complain about your tricky methods.

• No multiple domains, hidden inter-linking, etc. -- since every page is for the customer, first and foremost, and since you are simply writing to also satisfy the Search Engine, none of this is necessary.

There's simply nothing to worry about. Sleep well and enjoy solid, stable results by doing it all right the first time.

3) Your merchants want sales. As we have seen, the best way to deliver that is through outstanding content that gains your visitor's confidence, then using "in-context" text links to refer/recommend/direct those visitors to places that you believe will deliver great value.

Ah, that's the easiest part. If you get the first three WINS right, you will succeed. Think about it...

OVERdelivery to your visitor ensures repeat visits, confidence and ongoing sales. The Search Engines will never ban you. And, as you become a super-affiliate, your merchants will pay you more and more, perhaps even giving you special bonuses and deals!

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