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By now, you very likely have enough keywords to keep you busy for a while. If so, give this a quick read and move on to the next section. But...

If you need more HIGH-PROFITABILITY keyword topics, or if you just want to be thorough, work through this third and final WINDOW. It just might affect the final concept that you refine and the domain name that you select.

It's easy to get "concept-keyword-bound," i.e., tied to your basic Concept Keyword... "fashion" in our ongoing example.

But the money (i.e., your income) is in diversity... in developing a wide variety of different keywords, and then building Keyword-Focused Content Pages (KFCPs) that deliver high-value information. Those pages attract targeted customers, who then click through to your merchants.

In other words, we started with a basic "Concept Keyword" like "fashion." All the BRAINSTORMING and PRUNING revolved around that word.

Let's BREAKOUT a bit. What we need is a good sharp knock on the sides of our heads, so that we can come up with keywords that are related to "fashion" but don't contain the word "fashion."

To develop related keywords for your special Concept Keyword ("fashion" in this case), use the JimTools' Keyword Research Tools at...

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