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Almost done! You've checked the programs out at the directories. You've eliminated the high-risk dogs who don't deserve your time by considering the plus signs, the minus signs, and the red flags. And you've run Alexa on each POSSIBLE PARTNER for each of your keywords.

Finalize your selection of affiliate programs. If you don't find enough good programs, you may have to broaden your concept, or even replace it...

Remember when we talked about the "critical LOOP POINT" at the end of DAY 2? Be sure that you've got a Site Concept that can make some money. If not, return to DAY 3 and keep BREAKING OUT and adding more HIGH PROFITABILITY keywords. Then continue to DAY 4 to find more good programs that fit.

If your concept is just too narrow and esoteric that DAY 3 and 4 don't work, return to DAY 2 and investigate the next concept on your "short list" of Site Concepts.

Do not, I repeat do not, feel that you must have your entire business worked out

"to the nth degree" by working on DAYS 3 and 4 forever. I don't need to remind you that Rome was not built in a day, do I?

With that perspective in mind, please allow me to remind you of a small business truism. The two biggest mistakes any entrepreneur makes are actually opposites of each other...

1) FIRE-READY-AIM -- the person who leaps before he looks. If this fits you, I can only repeat Ben Franklin's quote...

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail."

In other words... ignore the preparation work at your peril.

2) READY-AIM-READY-AIM-READY-AIM -- the person who researches, then researches some more, then some more...

For this person, I can only offer this profound wisdom...

Fish or cut bait.

Just do it!

In other words... Don't get stuck "perfecting" DAYS 3 and 4.

So... if you have brainstormed a good Site Concept, picked your HIGHEST-PROFITABILITY topics, and selected excellent merchant-partners who you are proud to represent, then you are ready to roar ahead.

Time for me to hop off the old podium and remind you that...

Before proceeding to DAY 5, please complete your DAY 4 Goal-of-the-DAY, and take note of your Ongoing Goal...

Goal-of-the-DAY... Choose 3 affiliate programs that fit with each of your 3 Site Concepts/5 HIGH-PROFITABILITY KEYWORDS (per concept) that you developed in DAYS 2 and 3. You must rate these merchants as excellent, and you must feel good about representing them. Remember, your recommendations reflect upon who you are.

Ongoing Goal... Find, research, and select more POSSIBLE PARTNERS. Rotate the technique used (ie., Search Engines, Affiliate Directories, etc.). Continue to choose on the basis of fit and excellence.

Let's keep going! Are you ready? Geez, what a question!

After all that preparation, you're super-ready!...

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