The foundation is now secure

The 12 Minute Affiliate System

Best Affiliate Marketing Resources

Get Instant Access was NOT built in a day!

Yes, finally! We're ready to start building!

Just to be sure, though, get out your syllabus again and double-check our progress. We want to do this right... the first time...

Affiliate Masters Section One

• Business Basics

• Income and Expenses

• Traffic, Click Throughs, and Conversion Rates

• PREselling and Your Visitor's Mindset

Affiliate Masters Section Two

Brainstorming Concepts for Your Site

• Picking the Concept With the Most Profit Potential

• Developing HIGH-PROFITABILITY Topics for Your Site

• DEMAND, SUPPLY and BREAKOUT tools, and the



• How to pick the HIGHEST-PROFITABILITY topics

• Analyzing (and using!) the competition

Affiliate Masters Section Three

• Finding Affiliate Programs for Your Concept

• How to Reduce Risk by Diversifying

• Picking the Best, Safest Programs

• Refining Your Concept to Just the Right Scope...

• The "Valuable PREselling Proposition"

• Creating and Protecting the Perfect Domain Name

• Preparing for Your Own Mini-Vertical-Portal

Impressive work! You truly do have a rock-solid foundation to build upon. So let the construction begin!

Goal-of-the-DAY... Build a home page, and one TIER 2 Keyword-Focused Content Page.

Ongoing Goal... Create one Keyword-Focused Content Page per day. Start with the TIER 2 pages. Then keep adding TIER 3 pages, 1 per day. Create 5070 maximum. Then start a new Theme-Based Content Site.

(If your time is limited, reduce the goal to a page every 2 or 3 days. Even then, you'll have a traffic-building, income-earning site in three months. Consistency and discipline are the keys, not speed. It's OK to be the tortoise, as long as you stay the course... THIS course, that is. )

Whether you know HTML or not, it's just not necessary to fiddle around with coding, FTP'ing, etc. Focus on creating content that OVERdelivers to both your readers and the spiders by using Site Build It!'s through-the-browser sitebuilding tools...

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