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Let's start this section the same way as we did for "The Structure of Your Site"... with the home page...

Your Theme-Based Content Site is made of a home page that gives the "what's in it for me" about your site. It elaborates on the VPP (Valuable PREselling Proposition) by expanding upon...

1) What specific and high-value information does your site deliver?

2) What is your unique positioning for this delivery (i.e., what is your angle of approach)?

It accomplishes this while focusing on your Concept Keyword. What do I mean? Well, like I said above, you have two audiences... your visitor and your spider.

Your home page delivers the above content to your visitor. The other pages of your site, your Keyword-Focused Content Pages, deliver content about HIGH-PROFITABILITY topics.

As you write each Web page, you focus upon using a single keyword slightly more than your high school English teacher taught you was "good English." This is the keyword that you want the Search Engines to rank highly. We'll call this word the "Specific Keyword" from now on.

Choose your Specific Keywords from the MASTER KEYWORD LIST of HIGH-PROFITABILITY keywords that you developed during DAY 3 (and continue to develop). Each of your Web pages will focus upon a Specific Keyword to do double-duty...

• as the PREselling topic for the page and...

• to rank highly with the engines.

The term "General Keywords" refers to more generic words that are associated with your Specific Keywords. You'll never win the Search Engine war for General Keywords by themselves -- you don't really want such nonspecific traffic anyway.

But many people use WORD COMBOS to search. They'll enter a Specific Keyword and also a General one. For example, a searcher might enter...

"penny stocks and investing"

"+penny stocks +investing" or.

"penny stocks investing" or.

"investing penny stocks."

As I said, you'll never win at the engines for the General Keyword investing -there is just too much competition. In any event, even if you win, the traffic is just too non-targeted to be interested in your specific niche.

But if you include the General Keyword investing in some of the major parts of your Web page (outlined below), you'll do well when searchers use WORD COMBOS. And these are excellent, highly targeted visitors!

Blend some General Keywords with your Specific ones. You only need to include them once or twice -- you're not trying to win the war for General Keywords, just for the WORD COMBOS. So no need to use them nearly as many times as your Specific Keyword for that page.

This is definitely worth doing. Why? Let me repeat...

WORD COMBOS bring excellent, highly targeted visitors.

OK, back to our home page. For your home page, the Specific Keyword is your Concept Keyword... "factory outlet stores" in our example.

Just before the sidebar, I mentioned that your home page establishes your Valuable PREselling Proposition. In other words, it answers what specific and high-value information you deliver, and it develops your unique positioning, your unique angle of approach. That does not mean that you should start like this...

"Welcome to, your home for news and information about fashion outlets. I have spent a lot of time searching for information and will be giving all the best of it right here."

Keep it fun, bright, intriguing! Bring out the appropriate emotions for whatever your topic happens to be. For example...

"Ever been on the road, far from home, when what do you see?...

... a mall jammed with fashion outlet stores!

Clothes outlets by the dozens. Shoe discount stores. Tommy Hilfiger. Polo. Other big names, and some intriguing ones you've never seen before...

Nirvana, right? The pulse quickens in anticipation. The wallet tingles in fright!

Is that you? If so, welcome! You may be reading this at home, but you're on the road... a cyber-road to Outlet Heaven."

Yes, you can write like that. Really, it's a snap since you have lived this stuff. First, just feel the emotions that you feel. What are they? How do you feel? When do you feel them? You know this, right?

Now... put yourself into the skin of your reader. Put those emotions into your visitor.

The few intro paragraphs above establish your VPP while quickening the pulse of your reader. From here on in, you'll deliver the benefits of your site... you'll answer the "what's in it for me" question that every visitor asks when arriving at a site.

As you do this, you continue to work your Specific Keywords (and, to a lesser degree, your General Keywords) in everywhere and often... but not too often. Where, exactly?...

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