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"Nothing happens by accident in the world of computers, the Net, and customer response. There is always a reason for what happens, good or bad, and that reason is YOU."

When I see some 5 Pillar ("5P") Affiliates with CRs over 10% (and a few over 20%!), I figure that those with CRs at 1-2% or less could be multiplying their sales five-or-more-fold.


Not by working harder, but by simply channeling their motivation in a better direction.

Let's continue with the case of 5P Affiliates who make "great efforts" but so-so results...

As I reviewed many of these affiliate sites (those that are getting sales but have CRs under 2%), I realized that almost half were basically one big sales letter for, SiteSell products, and Ken. Which means that these affiliates are SELLING (with sales copy) when they should be PREselling (with great, and related, content that is of value to the reader).

There's really not much point in straight selling off your site - that's what your merchant's site is for. Picture this...

A visitor arrives at an affiliate's site that is really just one, big sales site. Yes, I know that their words are sincere -- I owe all 5P Affiliates a big thank you for the truly wonderful things they say. But put yourself in these visitors' shoes for a moment. They don't see inspiring, editorial content -- they see a sales effort.

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