STEP 8 Know Your Visitors

• Analyse your traffic. Know where your visitors come from and what words they use to find you at the Search Engines. Find out, and follow on an ongoing basis, the number of visits and visitors that your site receives on a daily basis and which pages are most popular.

• Do a Click In Analysis -- create special tracking links to measure the success of OFF-SITE promotions.

• Do a Click Through Analysis -- convert your OUTGOING links to special tracking links to measure the success of ON-SITE links to know what exactly people are clicking on and what they are not.

• Build upon what works. Improve or eliminate failures.

Then... repeat the process for every new Theme-Based Content Site that you develop. Build your affiliate business as big as you want. After all, it's your road to success!

• look deep within yourself and find your passion/knowledge

• create a site based upon that knowledge, full of HIGH-PROFITABILITY topics

• find affiliate programs that fit with what you know and love

• write content that PREsells and gets excellent CRs

• write content that also acts like honey to the "Search Engine Bears."

• build traffic through a variety of strong techniques.

You stand at the start of a trend that will grow geometrically over the next three years... "building income through content." The affiliate model of product distribution is set to explode.

Now it's in your hands. Ultimately it all comes down to what one of my favorite entrepreneurs once said...

"How to succeed? Try hard enough." - Malcolm Forbes (1919-1990)

There's nothing else. Go get 'em. I wish you only great success in all of your Web ventures.

But I really would rather see you again...

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