STEP 3 Develop Highprofitability Topics


• Identify DEMAND (how often a keyword is searched for) by using Overture's Suggestion Tool.

• Determine SUPPLY (how many sites already provide that content) by using AltaVista or Google.

• Keep research notes (for each keyword) on SUPPLY SITE INFO, POSSIBLE PARTNERS and IDEAS FOR CONTENT. Gather this info from the top 20 SEranking sites for your KEYWORDS.

• Choose the highest profitable keywords. They have high DEMAND and low SUPPLY and offer a good number of POSSIBLE PARTNERS.

• Diversify your MASTER KEYWORD LIST by BREAKING OUT (increase the number of related keywords). Use JimTools or Ixquick or LookSmart.

• Add keywords that reflect your customers' needs and wants (how, what, when and where they search.)

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