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13389 fashion 1701 fashion model 1676 fashion designer

1429 fashion magazine 1356 fashion design 821 fashion show

755 fashion institute of technology

711 teen fashion

669 fashion history

563 fashion bug

462 fashion photography

409 teen fashion model

363 men fashion

310 history of fashion

309 fashion trend

278 fashion modeling

273 fashion

269 1920's fashion 264 fashion job

257 men's fashion 252 celebrity fashion 252 fashion design school

244 indian fashion 236 1920s fashion

217 fashion illustration 207 fashion school 205 japanese fashion <snipped at 200>

The number in the left column is the number of times that each keyword was searched in the preceding month at Overture. In a sense, it's an indication of the DEMAND (by your potential visitors) for each keyword that contains the word "fashion."

You may have noticed that all words are singular. Overture does not differentiate between the plural and singular forms of things. If you do a query for "fashion models" or "fashion model" at the Suggestion Tool, you get the same results...

1701 fashion model

That "1701" is a combination of all the searches that were done for "fashion models" and "fashion model" at Overture during the previous month.

Only one problem... what if 1700 of those 1701 searches were for "fashion models"? There would NOT be much point in making a wonderful Web page about "fashion model" (singular), would there? After all, no one would be searching for "fashion model," if that were the case.

Usually, your instincts will tell you which version is the most popular. In other words, you should be able to see that FAR more people will search for "fashion models" than for "fashion model." Not sure?...

Check it by using the 7Search "Related Keywords" Tool...

fashion models 78 vs. fashion model 18

Bingo! Confirmation of your hunch! Why is this important? Because, as you'll see later on, you'll create Web pages with topics that focus upon your HIGHEST PROFITABILITY keywords. And PROFITABILITY is partly determined by the

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