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In other words, don't push your visitor to the click, make her want to click. It makes all the difference if your visitor feels that it's her idea to deliver your MWR (the open-to-buy click).

Another question? Geez, I was about to grab a coffee. Fire away!

"But can you give me a concrete example of using content to PREsell?"

You want "concrete"? OK, concrete you get...

Let's go back to the example just above. You love MYSS! 2002 and want to create a Net marketing site.

Whoa! My first recommendation...

Do not create another Web marketing site. There are zillions of them. If I was to get the idea for MYSS! 2002 today, I would not do it. Too, too crowded. It would be almost impossible to become so well established today.


If you can develop a unique twist to presenting high-value Web marketing, something that no one else is doing and that you think offers high-original-value, then go for it. Even then, as I just implied above, that site should not be dedicated to selling products.

Rather, diversify. If you create content about how to write truly persuasive sales copy on the Net, finish the article with text links to your Top 3 books about copywriting.

According to the feedback we receive daily, Make Your Words Sell! is far ahead in the #1 position -- much the same as Tiger Woods is for golf...

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