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For this discussion, we'll use our pricing example that we already explored briefly. Why not "fashion"?

Because I know nothing about fashion. Up to now, you've learned techniques that anyone can use for any topic. But, for this part, you do need to know your customer and your concept.

So I'm using an example that I know.

In this example, my concept is to create a site that is all about pricing. It's something that I know a lot about and enjoy. I've done my prep actions. So I am already an affiliate of SiteSell.com because "Make Your Price Sell!" (MYPS!) is a perfect fit for my concept. I'll also provide links to good pricing books at an online bookstore, as well as other related vendors (details on how to choose affiliate programs appear in DAY 4).

Let's assume that I've "three-windowed" my Concept Keyword, "pricing," to death. Now I want to approach things from the CUSTOMER END. This empowers me to come up with keywords that go way beyond the KEYWORD END.

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