Q What other stuff besides pricing do they look for

A -- They'll look for anything that is related to their business. Figure out what problem your target market is trying to solve when they do a search.

Just trace their steps as they develop their product, write their sites, build traffic, take orders and ship product. Intercept them with your message. What words would they look for? Your site must solve that problem.

An example... what's a common issue for people selling products on the Net? "Fulfillment," just to name one. "Taking orders," "shipping," "product development," "market research," "feasibility studies," "writing sales copy," "credit card processing," "shipping," to name just a few others.

There are so many starting points that the head spins. Anyone looking up terms like the ones above will also have a need to price products more effectively. They qualify themselves as serious business people with serious needs. Exactly the right kind of people for MYPS!.

So I'll intercept them when they search for, let's say, fulfillment-related topics, provide them with great content about fulfillment, and then also introduce them to the concept of pricing. I've added a whole new major direction, and income stream, to my site simply by thinking about my target's other needs.

To show you how this can grow quickly, let's continue my "new direction for pricing" example. I click to JimTools' Google keyword tool and enter "fulfillment"...

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