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"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." -Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)

You have just arrived at the most important part of your entire affiliate business. Yes, I know some of you haven't started yet. And I know you really want to get Going! And yes...

Your start will be delayed if you prepare everything before you begin. But once you have completed preparations, you'll roar ahead. There'll be nothing to repair or repeat once you launch.


The few hours or so that you spend here, in preparation, will determine exactly how big your success will be.


Most people fail in any business because they don't plan adequately. That's three times as true for an Internet business and five times as true for what you are about to do. Here's why...

If you pick the wrong concept, if you develop the wrong topics, if you pick the wrong affiliate programs...

You'll get the wrong results.

This part of the Affiliate Masters Course focuses on what you need to do first. It guides you past the barriers and hazards and sets you on the road that is right for you.

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