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But first, there is DAY 7 to complete. Do a quick recall of the first six DAYS of the course...

DAY 1 -- Intro to Affiliate Business Basics (PREselling and Conversion Rates)

DAY 2 -- Brainstorm Your Site Concept


DAY 4 -- Grow, Prune and Group Best Affiliate Programs

DAY 5 -- Refine Final Concept and Register Domain Name

DAY 6 -- Build a Site that Gets the CLICK!

Got your bearings? Perfect! Now it's time to build traffic to that site.

DAY 8 -- Build Free Search Engine Traffic

DAY 9 -- Build Other Traffic

DAY 10 -- Know Your Visitors

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Search Engine Traffic Tactics

Search Engine Traffic Tactics

Within this guide you will learn such tactics as the following Domain age, Regular upgrade, Write for your visitors, Press releases, Flash, Meta tags, Heading tag, Site map, Keywords, External links, Business address, Article distribution, Images, Multiple domains, Link exchange and so much more.

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