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Since Overture established paid listings as a successful business model for engines, others have sought ways to generate income from their search services.

As we've just seen, you must now pay to be evaluated by some directories. And some offer "PAY FOR LISTING/PLACEMENT."

Paying to have your site included in a SE's index is not the same as paying for your list ranking as you would with a Pay-Per-Click engine. Pay-per-inclusion does not guarantee ranking... it only guarantees you'll be included in the index - that's it, that's all!

Which means properly-optimized Keyword Focused Content Pages (KFCPs) continue to be vitally important in order to attain high rankings.

Most services still maintain a "free-submit" service, but there are benefits to forking out a few dollars...

1) Fast inclusion into the SE's index. Often you'll find yourself waiting up to 2 months after your site has been crawled before it makes it into the index. Paying for inclusion means you should see your site included within a couple of days.

2) Repeated, regular spiderings. Page-tweaking efforts are noticeable in a matter of a couple of days -- no waiting around for weeks for a spider to re-index your page, and display those changes in the SE's listing results.

3) Guaranteed continuous inclusion. Search Engines are pretty mysterious creatures. One day, your site will be sitting pretty with a top 20 ranking, and the next day it's gone -- disappeared without a trace. Yup, sometimes the SEs cull pages from their respective indices -- for no discernible reason. Paying for your listing means it will never be dropped from the index.

Submitting to a service that guarantees regular 48hr spiderings? How do really you know they're keeping their word?


Site Build It! will tell you. We'll track their spiders and make sure they're crawling as promised.

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Search Engine Optimization

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