Part One Maximize Profits

The goal of any business, including your affiliate business, is to maximize PROFITS. "PROFIT" is simply your INCOME minus your EXPENSES.

As an affiliate, there are exactly two ways to increase your INCOME (i.e., the amount of money your business makes)...

1) Refer more visitors to the merchants that you represent.

2) Increase the CONVERSION RATE (i.e., the percent of visitors referred to your merchant who deliver the response for which the merchant pays, whether that's a sale, or a lead, etc.).

Simple, right? If you refer 100 visitors per day to a merchant and 1% buy, you get paid for that one purchase. But if you send 1,000 visitors per day and 3% buy, you get paid for 30 purchases.

Yes, thirty times more!

So it's pretty clear how to maximize affiliate INCOME!

Of course, every business has expenses, too. Maximizing profits does not imply that you must minimize expenses, too. After all, if you spend no money or time on a business...

... You have no business! You MUST get the best possible traffic-building and sales-converting results for every dollar you spend... and for every hour you spend on your business.

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