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2) Site Build It! provides all this... the Tracker Library makes it a snap to set up your special tracking links. And you get complete Click IN Analysis reports at the click of your mouse!

Cost? Included in Site Build It!, which itself costs less than services that offer only this feature! http://buildit.sitesell.com/

Now let's cover Click Through Analysis...

Click throughs occur when people click on a link on your Theme-Based Content Site and leave it (they don't actually leave since you pop open a new window for them!). We should actually call them "click outs" -- but since the industry is used to "click through," we're stuck with that term!

Click throughs earn you income. Why? Well, it all depends where those click throughs are going...

affiliate programs -- a percentage of those turn into sales or leads (or whatever action your merchant-partner pays for)

• your own online store -- a percentage will buy, yielding you a profit

• your "sales site" that sells an e-book or software that you developed, or even your services.

To maximize click throughs, of course, you know that you must create high-value content that OVERdelivers what your visitors were looking for. Blending "in-context" text links into your copy gets the click through.

Once you've done that, of course, you need a way to know what's "getting the Click"... and what's not! And that's where "Click Through Analysis" comes into play.

In order to do "Click Through Analysis," you convert your regular OUTGOING links (i.e., links to your merchant- partners, your online store, and/or your sales site) into special tracking links. When your visitor clicks on such a link, she first goes to a computer program that records the click, and where it came from. Then the program sends the visitor to the income-building site that you had specified.

Click Through Analysis yields the following...

• total click throughs for all your ON-SITE links, as well as for each ON-SITE link (i.e., on a link-by-link basis)

• "first-time vs. repeat" click throughs, for the total of all click throughs on all your ON-SITE links, and also on a link-by-link basis. In other words, has the person who is clicking on a link clicked on it before?

• and, of course, the clicks divided by the page views, which gives you your "Click Through Rate" for all your links as a group, and also on a link-by-link basis.

Excellent Click Through Analysis would even slice and dice your click through analysis like this...

1) It would present you with link-by-link data, broken down for every page that each link appears upon (in other words, if LINK A appears on Pages 1, 2, and 3, it shows you how LINK A performed on each of those pages)

2) And it would present you page-by-page data, broken down with the performance of every link on each page (in other words, if Page 1 contains LINKS A, B, and C, it shows you how each of those links performed on that page).

And perfect Click Through Analysis would give you all this data for any time span that you request!

Bottom Line?

With Click Through Analysis, you have an exact success rate of every single ON-SITE link. And that, dear reader, measures income... your money.

You'll know exactly what people are clicking upon... and what they are not. From there... it's just a question of building upon your successes and fixing your weaknesses which maximizes your income.

Click Through Analysis is as critical for your Theme-Based Content Site as Click IN Analysis. Again, existing services are very expensive. And none give the degree of information that I have outlined for the perfect Click Through Analysis.

Here are your best two options. They may sound familiar...

1) If you have some tech skills or if you employ someone who does, use our Ultimate Link Tracker. It's free when you join our 5 Pillar Program...

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