OPTION 3 Recognize that youre in it more for the passion than the money Botticelli rules

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It's all up to you. Let those creative juices flow.

(A word of caution, though. Before you decide on your final choice for Site Concept, do DAY 3 first.)

Before proceeding to DAY 3, please complete your DAY 2 Goal-of-the-DAY, and take note of your Ongoing Goal...

Goal-of-the-DAY... Identify the top 3 Site Concepts that you know and love.

Ongoing Goal... Revisit this only if you want to build an entirely new and different Theme-Based Content Site.

Now that you have 3 Site Concepts that excite you, let's find out where the PROFITABILITY lies...

5. DAY 3 -- Develop HIGH-PROFITABILITY Topics

"Why do you rob banks?" the officer asked infamous bank-robber Willy Sutton, moments after being arrested...

"I go where the money is."

Goal-of-the-DAY... Use the SUPPLY and DEMAND window to build a MASTER KEYWORD LIST, fully researched, of 5 HIGH-PROFITABILITY KEYWORDS for each of the 3 Site Concepts (brainstormed in DAY 2).

Ongoing Goal... Use the SUPPLY, DEMAND and especially the BREAKOUT

window, to grow your MASTER KEYWORD LIST ever bigger, ever more PROFITABLE. This yields the raw material for new Keyword-Focused Content Pages.

With these goals in mind...

Let's say that you love fashion. You eat, live and sleep it. You read all the fashion magazines. You head straight to that part of any bookstore. Your friends beg you to talk about something else "for a change!"

It's time to brainstorm and prune. Initially, you'll brainstorm as many related Keyword-Focused topics as possible that are related to fashion. Then you'll prune out the low-profit-potential ones.

First thing you do? Power up your very own keyword tool center. There are three "Windows" of information here...

1) Demand

2) Supply

3) Breakout

Open your browser and start with...

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