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fashion 13,389 1,951,256 See NOTE...

NOTE: "Fashion" is too general. Don't bother researching this word for products/services. The real opportunities lie in the niches, in topic keywords that have more specificity.

fashion model 1,701 13,231 information about models, agencies, sites about a specific model or nationality fashion designer 1,676 21,307 Barbie designers (!), various "name"

designers fashion magazine 1,428 8,813 online and offline fashion mags, eye-ware magazine fashion design 1,356 27,105 Schools, colleges, and internships;

designers selling fashion designs

Add as many notes as you like for SUPPLY SITE INFO. I've kept it very brief here, since it is only an example.

Finally, make two more columns, one labeled POSSIBLE PARTNERS and the other called IDEAS FOR CONTENT. Time for some in-depth, professional, "SUPPLY WINDOW" research...

One way to review the results that AltaVista returns is through its "editorial"

section. To find editor-reviewed sites (as opposed to spider-generated results), you can either do a direct search by typing in a keyword or you can go through a particular category to find directory listings.

Google, too, sends you to their version of a directory. On the home page, click on the link "Google Web Directory".

You could also use Yahoo! if you like directories. Google uses Open Directory and AltaVista uses LookSmart to power their directory results. Yahoo! rounds out the "Big 3 Directories"...

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