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This is probably the least important, but what the heck. Name one or two of the graphics on each page after that page's keyword focus. For example... outlet-malls.gif. And make its ALT tag "outlet malls," too.

Ask a techie, if this is a bit complicated.

OK, that's basically how to put together a high-value content page that hits both key points...


Deliver valuable content to your readers...

... AND tasty content to your spiders.


We concentrated on the home page, but the approach is the same for the TIER 2 and TIER 3 Keyword-Focused Content Pages. While the home page, of course, focuses upon the fundamental Concept Keyword, the other pages each focus upon one of the HIGH-PROFITABILITY keywords that your MASTER KEYWORD LIST has identified.

Ultimately, you create Keyword-Focused Content Pages that...

• that you enjoy writing about.

Each page wraps a high-value topic around each Specific Keyword, following the guidelines outlined above.

Whoops! What's that? Some hands are up. Questions?...

QUESTION: "How is this different from gateways or doorway pages?"

ANSWER: Tons of people use "trick sites" called gateways or doorways. In general, these are low-value pages that score well with the engines but fail to deliver good content. They may get the visitors, but they don't get the click through, the purchase, or the repeat visit... or much money.

Some use better content, so do better. Still, they use tricks like "invisible links" to lead the spiders through a site. I know. I used to do it quite successfully. Tricks, though, die a painful death. And they usually have poor side effects (like visitor disdain and engine bans). And then you have to start all over.

Your site, on the other hand, will both OVERdeliver great content and play fair with the engines. It will lead the spider just as reliably through your site. By planning your site out in advance, visible links do just as good a job, and will never fade in effectiveness.

Actually, there's no way that I would call your fashion site a "gateway" site. You're building a true content-driven site. And you're simply writing it to maximize your chances of being ranked highly by Search Engines. You're selecting content on the basis of its profitability.

This goes far beyond the use of even PHASE III sites that I discussed in the original Make Your Site SELL! and in the 5 Pillar Affiliate Manual. There's a fundamental attitude shift...

Important notice. Gateways simply try to pull the engines. Put a page in front of the visitor. Most have little or no value content. Even if they have content, they don't tie all together into a theme. They are built backwards, basically, thinking about how to fool the engines.

The Site Build It! approach is 100% different. Your first goal is to find a theme that you know and love and that will be profitable. From there, you create a site with great content, and along the way...

... you simply make sure that you conduct your writing in such a way that you'll rank highly at the engines.

You are creating real content, not spider bait!

That's a big difference. It yields a huge, long-term advantage over doorways.

Another question?...

QUESTION: "What is the future for Search Engines?"

ANSWER: In Make Your Site Sell! (first edition), I "slammed" my own Phase II Gateway Sites since their pages were really nothing more than billboards.

Yes, they provided a bit of content. And no, they did not fool anyone. So they were ethically OK. But still, the content was low "copy-and-paste" quality for many of the pages. And the SEs were bound to object to "being stuffed."

And, in fact, these kinds of gateways are losing their effectiveness.

I also talked about how Phase III Keyword-Focused Content Pages were the way to go. Each page was individually written for a certain keyword, much like above. But the pages did not necessarily all tie together into a theme. As we'll see in a moment, this is a powerful step forward.

Meanwhile, though, while Phase III gateways are effective, it is not so easy to...

• create the site and write the pages optimally

• submit the site to the right Search Engines and according to their policies

• track the rankings at the Search Engines

• make changes as necessary

• follow traffic and click through rates

And that's where the idea for Site Build It! was born. To create a technology that makes all techie stuff disappear and that allows people to focus purely on content. And to tie all that content into the wave of the future... themes.

How do I know themes are the wave of the future?

Instinctively, deep in my gut, it makes sense. If you work with the engines, and construct your site and pages in such a way that they score you well, how could it not do well?

But don't believe my gut! In the last few days, some serious SE guys have weighed in. These guys are on the cutting edge of Search Engine analysis. Let's take a look...

Ralph Tegtmeier, from, puts out a newsletter, FantomNews, that is as brilliant as it is long. I mean, it's chock-full of challenging, cutting edge info about SEs, spiders, etc., etc.

Here's what he says in the current issue...

However, this basically linear approach is gradually changing now: as mathematical linguistics and automatic content recognition technology progresses, the major search engines are shifting their focus towards "theme" biased algorithms that do not rely on analysis of individual web pages anymore but, rather, will evaluate whole web sites to determine their topical focus or "theme" and its relevance in relation to users' search requests.

Ralph Tegtmeier

OK, OK, so he's not the most "accessible" read. But it all boils down to... theme-based sites.

Ammon Johns, "The Dark Knight"" wrote a flat-out brilliant article on theming. Don't miss this...

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