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Why? Because here's what has to happen for you to WIN...

1) FIND -- Your potential visitor must find you in the Top 10 (no worse than top 20) of the search results for your keyword. If your potential customer does not find you on the first or second page of the Search Engine's search for your keyword, well, you simply don't exist for that word.

Game over.

2) CLICK -- Your potential must read the Title and Description that the engine uses in the search results, and must find it sufficiently compelling to CLICK to your site. If your Title and Description are boring or tacky, your potential visitor will probably not click to your KFCP (Keyword-Focused Content Page).

Game over.

3) CLICK -- Your visitor finds high-value content, learns to trust you as someone honest who delivers, and so follows your recommendations... CLICK again! If your page delivers poor, low-value info (or even worse, a sales pitch), you still get the CLICK... on the Baclk Button to the Search Engine's results page. "Who's next?"

Game over.

4) CLICK-kaCHING -- Finally, your visitor arrives at your merchant in a "feeling smart about myself" and open-to-buy mood, ready to CLICK that buy button!

Did I just hear a cash register?... kaCHING!

Ahhh... if you get the FIND-CLICK-CLICK right, that last CLICK-kaCHING is almost in the bag!

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