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Below the directory results, you get the top search results from the Search Engine itself, ranked in order of relevance to the search term (these are the results that you skimmed for SUPPLY SITE INFO). The rankings here are determined purely by computer algorithms that analyze gigantic spidergenerated databases of Web pages.

Review as many of these sites as you like. I'd suggest at least the first 10-20 sites. But you may find merchants in need of traffic help (i.e., you!) deeper down.

As you get into this in-depth research, you'll notice three types of sites...

• irrelevant -- for whatever reason (off-topic, geographic, lousy site, etc.), they just don't fit. Skip these.

• merchant -- in POSSIBLE PARTNERS, enter what kind of merchandise they sell. If they have an affiliate program that fits your concept, enter the URL of the "join page" for the affiliate program of that merchant. These are indeed "POSSIBLE PARTNERS." Even better, you're automatically organizing the POSSIBLE PARTNERS according to each keyword -- so you are already preplanning each Keyword-Focused Content Page's "in-context" text links!

• content -- these sites are your direct COMPETITORS. They make money through banner ads and affiliate programs, too. And good news!... They'll speed up your learning curve by giving you a lot of information. Why? Because they've already done a ton of work for you! Here's what to do...

i) As you review these content sites, you may get some great ideas for content on your own site. Enter these ideas into the IDEAS FOR CONTENT column.

ii) Browse the site, drilling down into the content. Click on the banner ads and text links, following these links out to their destinations, to see what kind of merchants that THEY have chosen as affiliate-partners. Or perhaps it's a straight advertising deal -- make a note of these merchants as potential advertisers, too. If a given merchant fits your concept and has an affiliate program, enter the kind of merchandise it sells, and the "join page" URL, as you did just above.

QUICK TIP: It can be a tedious pain to look for a link to a merchant's affiliate program. Some home pages are quite crowded. Here's how to find it quickly...

1) See if you can find reference to it with a quick scan of the top, left and bottom navbars (graphic or text links). If not...

2) Do a quick find on the home page. Press on the control+f keys on your keyboard (command+f if you are using a Mac). Then enter "affil" (the first few letters is fine and reduces chances of a typo) into the box of the window that pops up. Try also for "assoc" (short for "associate") and "refer" (short for "referral" or "referrer" program).

3) Use their search tool or online support chat (if they have one) or 1-800 line, or send them an e-mail. If they don't have an affiliate program, ask if they are interested in buying pay-per-click advertising (more on selling pay-per-click advertising a bit later on in the course).

If you still can't find it after that, forget it. They probably don't have an affiliate program.

ANOTHER QUICK TIP: You will tend to find MERCHANT sites via the engine's "directory listings" and CONTENT sites by reviewing the top 20+ search results.

Continue on for the remaining keywords, until you have completed all six columns for all of your HIGH- PROFITABILITY "fashion"-containing keywords.

Expected results?...

• lots of good content ideas for the site

• some good leads to merchants who could need pay-per-click advertising from you a bit later

• a few merchants who have affiliate programs (but the real motherlode for affiliate programs will come in DAY 4!).

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Indexing and Linkbuilding

Indexing and Linkbuilding

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