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Create your own online storefront to sell products that you love... sports, music, whatever. It truly is easy to set up. Only one problem... you have to drive traffic to your store if you want to make any sales -- unlike the "Field of Dreams" movie, "they will not come" just because you have built it. Most Vstore-owners simply can't overcome this challenge. (Perhaps this explains why Nexchange and ePod did not flourish.)

Why include Vstore in this course? Because you don't actually make a sale or ship a product. You make a commission. But you only make a commission if you drive traffic to your store and if those visitors buy. So the difference between this model and the "pure affiliate" concept is moot.

And one more important reason to include it...

When you complete this course, you'll have a Theme-Based Content Site that builds targeted traffic and that PREsells its visitors. Why not build a store that "fits" your theme and refer visitors (at your Theme-Based site) to your own store (which literally takes less than 30 minutes to build)?

Consider Vstore as an interface between you (i.e., the affiliates) and the merchants. One way or the other, it collects a small piece of each pie that is sold, not from you but from the merchant. Kind of like a super-affiliate.

Nothing wrong with that, of course. Vstore provides true value for that fee. But be careful... a high-profile company called had a similar model. They had an excellent product that empowered you to turn your site into a store.

In September, 2000, Affinia went bankrupt. Those affiliates who had spent a lot of time developing business and income through Affinia lost out. Can the other affiliate intermediaries make enough money to thrive?

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Search Engine Optimization Overview

Search Engine Optimization Overview

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